• We Moved!

    I realize I have been incredibly horrible at keeping up with this blog. I will not promise a blog revolution where I post daily, but I will try and be better. 

    SO. Since the last time I posted, we have moved. To the BIG city. IF you count KY's capital as being a big city. It really isn't big, but it is bigger than where we were. It does offer us things we didn't have though, like a slight city feel, bike lanes, and dog parks. All of which we have embraced with open arms.

    Here are some photos since we've moved:

    Goodbye 210 Forrest!

    And our New house came with two unexpected outdoor Cats. We embraced them. This is Clyde. And we have a black one named Bonnie. No mice here!

    And because there are bike lanes and cute downtown coffee shops. A new birthday bike!

    Scout to has embraced the city and it's dog park filled with many smells.

    That pretty much sums up the Month of July and August. Moving is hard work!

  • obsessed with letterpress

    I love to follow Studio on Fire's blog Beast Pieces. They specialize in letterpress design and printing - and I love their work! One day I will own a letterpress - you have my word. Until then - check out their blog. The pictures above are from an entry they put into the Minnesota AIGA Design Show. Not only is it letter press, fun colors and awesome design - it's interactive!

  • Cruciformity: Stations on Skin show

    If you don't know painter Scott Erikson or his work, you need to. He is doing great things over at the church Ecclesia. I wish I lived in and or around Houston, so I could have seen their latest show - Cruciformity: Stations on Skin, in person. I'm not really a writer, so I'll let THIS ARTICLE speak for the show. However, I think that Scott is personally doing great things visually for the Church - not just Ecclesia, but the whole. 

    Hop over to Scott's personal website: Creating a Visual Culture - and check out the show and his other works.

  • Fish and Chips. And Lent.

    Fish and Chips. And Lent.

    Happy Ash Wednesday, and with that, the beginning of Lent. And fish frys.

    I am not a preacher, or a teacher. Those gifts belong to my husband. However, I am able to use my skills to serve the Church in another fashion. For the season of Lent, I put together a bookMARK for Hope Community Church. And for the next forty days, we together as the Church, will be reading through the Book of Mark. If you would like to join us, please do. You can find the reading schedule here

    Also - for your Lenten viewing pleasure - an iphone wallpaper. Because, why not?

    My husband and I decided today that our one word description of Lent would be: Repentance. I believe the Holy Spirit makes it clear to us what it is that the Lord is calling us away from. Step into Light. Repent and believe the good news. 

  • Happy Valentine's Day!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    HAPPY george VALENTINE(s) detherage DAY! Can you believe that my awesome pawpaw had the middle name Valentine?! I can't even make this stuff up.

    I suprised my hubs this morning with a little valentine. And in doing so, I got to try out this super cool product from Martha Stewart: multi-surface acrylic chalkboard paint. AND it comes in different colors! But for my valentine - I just used plain ol chalkboard black. I found it hanging out by the wood crafts at Michaels craft store. 


    I just painted a little craft box to put my husbands uber manly shave cream in. Ladies - do your husbands shave with a striaght razor? Mine I said, super manly. But, all you have to do is apply two coats to whatever it is your painting, let it cure for 24 hours, and presto - a chalkboard gift box. or chalkboard gift tag. or chalkboard turtle. Whatever you want to paint!

    Pretty neat stuff, that chalkboard paint. I can't wait to paint everything chalkboard. And next time, I might even get crazy and used colored chalk to draw with!


    ps. My friend Martha Stewart (she doesn't know me) and/or Michaels did not pay me to endorse them or thier products in any way or even ask me to write this whitty blog. In fact, I paid them 5.99 for their chalkboard paint (except not really, I had a coupon of course). 


  • There is light

    There is light

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel. My new website isn't finished - yet. However, it's slowly coming together. I'm excited about the new look - but also pumped to get a blog rolling. It'll be exciting posting new works, works in process, design inspirations, and stuff from every day life. Keep checking back!

    ps. I wish I was still on the cruise boat I took that light bulb pic on. Thanks Carnival for your bare bulbs.